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Crocheted dog toys

Our handmade crocheted dog toys are the perfect choice for animals that like to carry their toys around, love playing with things covered in their own scent or go mad for a game of fetch. Whether the dog is large or small doesn’t matter at all, because even big dogs can fall hopelessly in love with these little crocheted playthings! The natural cotton fiber is brilliant for cleaning teeth and makes these items more durable than plush toys. They’re also machine-washable at 60° C.
Whether your doggie likes the toys with squeakers or will prefer the classic model for noiseless play is a matter of individual taste. Be sure to test it out!

One little tip from us:
Some dogs can fetch a toy by name. Try putting a few of our crochet toys into a box or basket and giving your pet command to pick out a particular item, for example the dog, crocodile, doughnut, mushroom, etc. With enough practice your dog is sure to master the skill, and it’s always a nice game for you to play together.

Have fun and stay playful!