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From our own love of animals came the idea to open Pepper’s Choice and to create a range of unique and first-class products for our dearest canine friends.

Here in our online shop, you’ll find:

  • Premium canned dog food

Our canned dog food contains only butcher-fresh meats of finest quality, important vitamins, minerals and trace elements from natural sources such as seaweed, eggshell powder, fruit and vegetable as well as fine herbs.
You'll find in our assortment:
... 6 delicious canned dog food with pure meat (100 %)
... 6 various, tasty menüs with 70 % meat and best ingredients
It goes without saying that Pepper’s Choice meals do not contain artificial colors, chemical attractants or preservatives and that we strictly refrain from the use of meat and bone meals, inferior by-products, sugar and synthetic binding agents.
Our meals are gluten-free, easy on the tummy and also suitable for allergy sufferers.
Pepper’s Choice canned dog food is produced in a German butchery using local raw ingredients and is certified according to Fresenius Institute standards.
Our product information is 100% open and transparent.
You’ll be able to see the quality of our food products reflected in the healthy look of your pet.

  • Dog chews / treats

A comprehensive line of dog chews from top-quality and butcher-fresh ingredients, lovingly made by hand and gently dried. Our tasty, tummy-friendly treats for your darling doggie are free of chemical additives, preservatives and artificial dyes. The broad range of our Pepper’s Choice chews always guarantees variety – whether as a quick snack or delicious reward.  You’ll even find chew treats for four-legged friends with allergy problems to support their vitality and well-being. We keep our dog chews 100% natural for the health and happiness of your pet.

  • Treat pouches

Our treat pouches are both practical and stylish accessories for when you’re on the go. They’re skillfully hand-sewn in exclusive, top-quality fabrics, each featuring a quick and easy draw-string closure as well as a convenient base pocket that zips shut. Our bags are lined with durable, easy-care fabrics that can be cleaned using a damp cloth. They are also washing machine-safe. To round off the attractive and functional design, each of our pouches is equipped with a robust but removable carabiner that makes them easy to clip onto a belt loop.

  • Dog toys

Is your four-legged friend in front of you, wagging his tail and giving you those big, puppy-dog eyes? He’s asking you to play with him! Playing burns off excess energy, keeps your dog in shape, promotes intelligence and helps develop social skills. It’s not only a recreational activity for your dog, but always a reward as well. For dogs, playtime with their humans is the best thing ever. It’s because of this time spent together that dogs love their owners and establish deep trust with them. In our selection we have a number of Pepper’s Choice dog toys made of natural materials such as jute fiber and cotton for you to choose from. There are crocheted articles that your pet will enjoy carrying around, squeaky toys for addictive fun, robust fetching and throwing toys made from cotton and jute that also care for your dog’s teeth, soft cuddly toys to play and snuggle with, and many more.

We’ll keep expanding and improving our range to support the health and happiness of your pet, so be sure to visit our shop regularly and see what we have in store for you next.